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Open borders are our expertise. We are your full-service partner from border opening to administration. It is our mission to get the most out of open borders, both socially and financially, for everyone. We work with specialists in all relevant fields and offer several customized packages explicitly adjusted to your individual needs.

We approach our work like we see our world: shared. Let us have a coffee! We're keen on getting to know more about your situation and how we can work together.

Our services are affordable. For every country. We base our price on your financial situation because we are convinced that every border should be an open one. We also offer various financing options if your situation needs more funding. 
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Depending on the packages choosen, factors that are of particular importance to you will be assorted. By this approach, we ensure you will benefit from most of the advantages open borders provide. Of course, you can mix and match however you prefer and change the focus during our work. You also won't miss out on all the other benefits.

our approach

Let's have a chat! We're interested to see what's going on. Our first step is to analyze your border situation, take a look at current problems and especially the potential you have. That's it. No commitments yet!

Our experts start to look for solutions to accelerate your potential into something great. Our global strategists will explain our investigations as well as estimated costs. We will provide sufficient financing options because we want everyone to be able to afford open borders.

We make it happen! Our team of experts tailored to you will move their office to your country to ensure a smooth working experience. Together with your politicians, we aim to achieve that goal within a timespan of 1-3 years.

We've done it, now we need to keep it that way. Our team withdraws again, which doesn't mean we're not here for you. We ensure 24/7 support and also check-up with you every 6 months.


According to studies, immigrants have an even lower crime rate than natives. Thanks to yond information service criminals will get caught with a likelihood that's five times higher than the rate of non yond members.

The long-run impact of immigration on public budgets is positive. Immigrants and their descendants will contribute more than they will receive in public services.

Saving the cost of border control alone can save your country millions of dollars. Also, your country's revenue will increase due to several factors.

It has been proven that descendants of immigrants predominantly adopt the culture of the country. Moreover, immigration from a variety of countries ensures no culture is dominant.

Most people don't even want to leave their home country. For the ones that want to immigrate to your nation, many of them are not able to afford that. Moreover, immigrants will disperse when more borders are open. Statistics confirm that the quantity of immigrants represents only a few percent of the country's population.

Improved living standards, more tax revenue, more cultural diversity, more innovation, less crime, less cost to your country, easier travel, fewer deaths, and higher gross domestic product are just some of the major benefits. We would be happy to analyze the individual benefits that can also be developed for your country during an initial consultation.

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If you are a citizen and want to convince your government to open borders, contact us at public@yond.world, we will contact your government directly. 

If you're a legislator please contact us via your local yond office. You can also write to us at gov@yond.world

You can also request publicity material for campaigns and petitions, please contact promo@yond.world for those inquiries.