Create a virtual window to shoot from the real world into your virtual set.

How to install and use the virtual set window plugin.

Move the plugin folder "virtualsetwindow" into your unreal plugin folder. On Windows it is normally located under C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_x.xx\Engine\Plugins\VirtualProduction.

Open or create your unreal project.

Go to Edit – Plugins, activate Virtual Set Window and restart unreal engine.


Open "virtualsetwindow Content" in the content browser of your project. Move VSW_Image, VSW_Screen and VSW_Tracker into your scene. Attach VSW_Image and VSW_Tracker to your tracker object. VSW_Screen has to have the same coordinates as your tracker. Give VSW_Tracker the coordinates 0, 0, 0 and VSW_Image the x coordinate of 700 relative to your tracker.


Open the level blueprint and set it up as shown. You can find the reference to VSW_Screen easily if you've selected it before opening the level blueprint. To find "Set View Target with Blend" you have to uncheck "Context Sensitive"


How to use your window with an iOS Device as a tracker

First of all, set up the needed Plug-Ins to use your iPhone or iPad as a virtual camera as listed in the screenshot: