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Neuseeland, was war das eine Zeit! Knapp 6500km (777$ Spritkosten) mit unserem Mietwagen Yaris "Yasmine" über beide Inseln in nur 21 Tagen. Viele haben uns für verrückt gehalten, aber es hat sich sowas von gelohnt! Leider konnten wir nicht auf gutes Wetter warten, haben aber dennoch fast alles wichtige gesehen.
New Zealand, what a great time! We drove roughly 6500km (777$ fuel costs) in our rental Yaris "Yasmine" over both islands in 21 days. A lot of people called us crazy because of it, but it was defenetly worth it!
We couldn't wait for good weather though, but we still saw pretty much everything important.
After not enough hours of sleep in a hostel in Christchurch I’m taking the bus to get the rental car. On the way I meet my travelbuddy Niels whom I met over a facebook group. We get our red Toyota Yaris which we'll later name Yasmine. She has bluetooth and the music sounds pretty good. Nice!
But we don’t have a lot of time. Exactly three weeks and two islands to travel to. So we pick up Maria who will accompany us till Queenstown shop for a tent and air matresses and groceries and go! 
Destination of the Day: Lake Tekapo. On the way we make some random stops. Totally amazed by the nature but still knowing, that we will laugh about these views later. For roughly the last hour I let Niels drive as I’m just too tired. The last time he will drive, as he’s happy looking around and I’ll get enough sleep the next days.
In the morning we head to mount Tekapo. Nice curvy drive up and a pretty nice view. Worth paying the road fee though? Another question. But if you’re already there, why not.
On the drive we stop for some beautiful stuff and because of the rain we’re taking a dorm room in Balclutha in the evening. Good decision! You pretty much can’t miss the important stuff as there is pretty much just one road.
From Balclutha we take the southern scenic route to the, take a guess, south. After a short drive you reach the Nugget Point Lighthouse. You have to leave the southern scenic route for a few minutes, but you get a beautiful drive along the coast and a nice view from the lighthouse. Definitely worth it, do it! Afterwards you can just follow the southern scenic route again and you will come across a few beautiful spots.
Not that interesting is Bluff. You can drive to the end of highway 1. The road literally just ends there in a carpark. View is pretty nice though, don’t regret driving there.
The clifton Caves are pretty cool, but not comparable to what we will see on the north island.
Once you’ve driven past the last campside on the way to Milford Sound you will be on one of the most beautiful roads. Nice and curvy and stunning views! The point at the end is pretty lame after that.
The view you have from this last campside is great, especially for sunset.
After a not that interesting hike (key summit track) we hiked to lake marian. Not as easy as the first one but really beautiful view at the lake, totally worth it! After these two hikes the day left just enough time to drive to Lumsden.
Waking up, packing our tent and off to the north. The drive to Queenstown is stunning. The curvy roads I love again and just beautiful views!
We leave Maria at the Airport and just drive to the city. Not 5min after leaving we take our first hitchhiker. It’s Jordan, who we will meet again on the next day. After dropping her off in the city we drive a little further to Queenstown hill, where we do a chilled hike with really nice views. Worth it!
After having our classic lunch (Toast with Nutella) we drive to the remarkables ski area. A short hike to a small lake is ok, but not comparable to the drive. Even curvier and better views than what we already had in the morning. As our place to sleep we chose a campingplace with a pretty nice view a little away form the city center.
In the morning we pick up Jordan and drive to a pretty hidden hike next to wye creek. Nice views (did you expect anything else?). After some shopping we drive on to wanaka. Jordan accompanies you to see wanaka and have her first camping experience with us in Albert Town.
New day, new Travelmate. We pick up Anna, do a hike and leave Jordan in Wanaka. We stop at some nice places on the way to Franz Josef and see the weather getting worse and worse.
Rain, rain, rain. Because nobody expected that to change the next days we decide to come back later. So just driving. And a lot of sleep for Niels and Anna in the car. We come across some nice spots on the way though. In the evening we book the ferries. The only thing we should have done earlier. The learning price is a 100$ more expensive ride to the north than from the north.
First stop: Takaka Hill. We drive up and down again because it’s too foggy to see something. They say it is almost always best weather in the Abel Tasman area. Well not today in Kaiteriteri. We catch a few dry hours and walk along the beach. Probably really nice if there is good weather. Next stop is a campground next to the Nelson Lakes. We hope for better views and get another rainy cold night.
Hoping for better weather we do a nice hike in the morning. The views are probably really beautiful, we mostly just see white fog. So we drive to Picton where we drop off Anna and take the ferry in the evening.
A day of driving again. Pretty boring but we’re looking forward to do the tongariro crossing the next day.
I expect the hardest hike of the whole roadtrip. We wake up early in the morning, I drop Niels off at the beginning of the hike and drive to the end from where I take the shuttle to the beginning (1 hour waiting for Niels saved us 30$, the shuttle isn’t cheap).
It’s pretty foggy again and not too exciting before you’re at the top. We reach that point earlier than expected and can’t believe that it should only go down from that point. But they are right, the hike gets even less hard and the views get beautiful. After 6 hours we finished the hike a few hours faster (6h) than expected and drive to taupo.
On the way to Auckland we take a detour over Rororua. Right next to our campside are the Huka falls. Not that beautiful but impressive to see the immense force of the water. After a little bit of driving we take a hot bath at a small waterfall next to the Wai-O-Tapu thermal wonderland which we visit afterwards. I think it’s pretty expensive just to be able to walk on these paths, but the volcanic landscape is really nice. In Auckland we stay with Isa’s host family. Nice alternative to camping, thanks again! At her place we also meet her friend Jana and do the most spontaneous shooting I’ve done so far of the two lady’s.
Class reunion. Together with Isa we drive to Piha where we meet Cori, Timo and Jannik, who all also graduated with me. It is extremely windy in Piha, but when you get a chance to enjoy the view without getting sand in your eyes it’s really great.
ext stop of the are the Kitekite falls. Really nice and chilled day. Niels and I end up in Waipu where we meet Karolin, Merle, Laura and Wesley.
With the 4 people we met in the evening we visit the Waipu Caves. Probably the most beautiful thing of New Zealand for me, and in comparison to the Waitomo glowworm caves you can go there for free. Walking through the water in the caves finding the glowworms was fun and you can just stand there for hours and enjoy the glowworms.
The Whangarei falls we visit afterwards are right next to the carpark but not really that interesting. Not ugly either though. We drive back to Auckland afterwards and meet Jana and Isa again in a bar.
Probably the funniest Day of the Roadtrip. Goal of the Day is to get a Stamp for our passport in Whangamomona, the Capital of the Republic of Whangamomona. It’s a beautiful, curvy, 1 hour drive to and from the Republic and just a lot of fun to be in a Republic within New Zealand. Defenetly take the Detour and go there! We start the day with a breakfast on Mount Eden and go to the Bidal Veil falls on the way to Whangamomona.
Although it is very foggy we hike to get a nice view of the beautiful mount taranaki. It isn’t possible to see more than the fog though. So back to Wellington.
After starting the day with a ferry ride to the south we hope for better weather this time as we drive down the west coast of the south island. We spend the night next to Kaniere and visit the Glow Worm Dell and a smaller, more unknown but bore beautiful Dell. You can find it a little uphill of the Woodstock Hotel on the same site of the street. There is a small path and a little sign on the side of the road. Worth it to search for it!
We sleep a little longer and drive to Franz Josef. The weather is better this time so we do the small valley hike in the evening.
Last day. We get up in the dark and do a part of the Alex Knob hike. On the way up we see a lot of glowworms and reach the first viewpoint at the best light. Finally! The rest of the day consists of driving, selling our camping beer and having some nice last drinks.
Thanks to everyone and everything that made this roadtrip so great, especially Niels who had to deal with me all the time. ;)
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